About us
Pursuant to its mission, Zebra Shipping has adopted the following principles:
I) CONFIDENTIALITY: In order to strive to develop long-term relationships with clients and keep their best interest at heart, Zebra Shipping observes honesty, integrity and professionalism in its dealings with its clients. Zebra Shipping handles clients' information with strict confidentiality and no divulgence to third other parties under any circumstances. Moreover, Zebra Shipping handles and manages each account separately. In order to observe high degree of confidentiality, Zebra Shipping signs a formal confidentiality agreement with its corporate.
ii) COMMUNICATIONS: Zebra Shipping facilitates its corporate customers to create their interlinking with its ICT network to enable them to monitor movement of their shipment by tracking and tracing their own shipments as long as the shipments are moved on the Zebra Shipping system.
iii) QUALITY AND EXCELLENCE: Zebra Shipping believes in offering services of quality and excellence through:
- Teamwork 
- Hard Work 
- Enthusiasm 
- Positive Attitude 
- Strong Systems 
- Honest and Transparent Relationships 
- Customer Orientated Services
iv) COMPETITIVENESS: In order to be competitive, Zebra Shipping keeps its financial tariff as simple and low as possible.
Zebra Shipping operates in Gaborone from the following places:
1) Its Office situated at Gaborone West 
2) Tlokweng Border
Zebra Shipping is represented by agents in Francistown and other major towns.
Zebra Shipping has adequate warehousing facilities, which can handle a big number of consignment with open space at its offices situated at Gaborone West Industrial Area, which is centrally located and within the vicinity of industrial and commercial centres of Gaborone, Tlokweng, Mogoditshane and Phakalane.
Zebra Shipping is situated at Plot 22038 - Unit Nos. 1 & 2. BDC Shed, Takatokwane Way, Gaborone West Industrial Site, Gaborone
Mr. Tsimane Brixton Mogami is Managing Director of Zebra Shipping, who oversees day to day affairs of the organisation. He has worked for a South African leading freight forwarding company, Manica Freight, Botswana. After closure of Manica's operation in Botswana, he established Zebra Shipping, to which he successfully positioned within the global market as Botswana's multi-modal international freight and logistics organisation.

He provided the dynamic leadership to the organisation by acting on the philosophy of personal relationship marketing and taking care of clients' cargo on a truly “door to door” basis. He has more than 32 years experience in the freight management business.
Mr. Oduetse Makgane is Director Strategic Projects, who personally and vigilantly plans and handles freight management of specialised and sensitive nature. Prior to joining Zebra Shipping, he served UTI Botswana as General Manager. During his stay with UTI He put UTI'S flag higher and higher over the years with his experience and having dealt with various projects personally.

In recognition of his high experience in shipping fraternity, he was brought on board as Director Special Projects of Zebra Shipping during November, 2004. He has more than 23 years experience in Freight business. Since joining Zebra Shipping, he has been handling various projects of highly confidential and sensitive nature including those of Botswana Government, BDF, Debswana, British Army and Botswana Railways.