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Zebra Shipping offers customs clearing, freight forwarding and handling services with the following uniqueness:

Offering the fastest shipping door to door, customs cleared with virtually no size or weight limits.

Offering Solution for customers' transportation requirements.

Offering services at reduced costs combining air, land and sea services to a multi modal solution with goods transported economically, and schedules to arrive at destination points for J.I.T (just in time) delivery, all with single - carrier control.

Offer intergrated approach to transportation logistics program for all types of consignments i.e. air, ocean, communications, documentation or a completely.

Offers a solution to get the job well done.

Zebra Shipping operates as a number one 100% citizen owned company capable of handling any movement of cargo being containerised, break bulk, sensitive cargo be international import and export being purchased on the various terms e.g. EX-Works, F.O.B. or C.I.F. etc.


Zebra Shipping offers range of Freight Management and Warehousing Facilities to its clients as follows:

Zebra Shipping by virtue of its Registration at Customs Department has Bonded Warehouse measuring approximately 500 M2 for storage of goods pending customs clearance, Duty, VAT clearance and payments.

In addition to Bonded Warehouse, Zebra Shipping has also a space for general warehousing, measuring approximately 750 M2.

Zebra Shipping has wide space, where steel containers of 12 Meters and 6 Meters are kept and used for storage of valuables and highly sensitive cargo as a strong custody measure.

Zebra Shipping has adequate in-house transport facilities comprising 4 TonesTrucks and 1 Tonner Bakkies. Depending on the volume of consignments, Zebra Shipping also engages citizen-owned transport companies to meet its transport logistics and as part of supply chain solution.

Zebra Shipping has handling equipment comprising Forklift 4.5 Ton, Jack Trolleys and Wooden Pallets.


Zebra Shipping has been fully utilising Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as tool for delivery of its services efficiently and timely. Zebra Shipping has developed the following:

Interlinking with BURS: Zebra Shipping is fully interlinked electronically to the Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) and all declarations are done electronically. Zebra Shipping captures a huge number of entries and attend to clients' enquiries.

Live Connection with SARS: Zebra Shipping has twenty four hours live connection with SARS and generates a big number of Bills of Entries electronically daily.

Worldwide And Regional Freight Tracking Systems: In order to facilitate its corporate an individual clients to get track record of their freight movement, Zebra Shipping has installed highly sophisticated systems i.e. Global Tracking and Tracing System and Display Shipment Status System as follows:

i) Global Tracking and Tracing System: Zebra Shipping has installed highly sophisticated system i.e. global tracking / tracing system (Argus +), which enables Zebra Shipping to track and trace the whereabouts of clients' cargo at anytime with the objective to facilitate its clients to be kept fully informed about the movement of their consignments including tracking and tracing.

With the assistance of this global tracking / tracing system, Zebra Shipping assists its customers in better managing their transportation needs.

Zebra Shipping offers its clients the full history of their consignment starting from collection of consignment from the client, making airway bill and shipment and ending on delivery of consignment. The entire data is entered in to the Argus + System, shipment is rated automatically and cost is stored in the shipment history. If any change takes place, it is also entered. The system improvises for tracking and tracing and giving the client full report at his doorstep to enable him to trace / track your shipment at any given point in time. Thus, “Argus +” has increased the level of productivity and quality of Services rendered by Zebra Shipping in time cost effectively for customers.

ii) Display Shipment Status System: Zebra Shipping has also installed “Display Shipment Status (DSST) system”, which displays all of shipments details for any shipper, consignee or third party payer anywhere in the world.

This facility is offered to the customers, who send their consignment through other freight forwarders. Such clients can access their shipment information anywhere in the world by using reference number of their consignments. Zebra Shipping also provide them, upon request, regular management reports of their shipping activity with transit times and proof of delivery (POD'). The above service is provided at a minimal charge.